French-Chinese Energy Association

Building the link between China, Europe and Africa in the fields of energy and the environment

French-Chinese Energy Association and Beijing Jingshi Law Firm signed a strategic cooperation agreement
25 October 2017Global Chinese Electrical and Energy Technology Industry Alliance was created and Franco-Chinese Energy Association was the Founder
AFE signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the Jiangyo government in Sichuan province where is the hometown of poet Li Bai

AFE participated, as usual, in the international low carbon energy exhibition

Service of Association

Organize scientific and research exchanges and provide recommandations for European and Chinese experts


Invite the Chinese government and companies to come in Europe and Africa to invest in the energy and environment sector.

Supporting European companies to develop the markets in China and Africa.
Regroup talents to advise and support organizations and European Chinese and African companies.

Establish links to promote cooperation between Europe, Africa and China in the energy and environment sector.

Building a platform for interdisciplinary exchange in the areas of energy and environment.
Current objective of the work of talents introduction
  • News 90% 90%
  • Recruitment 80% 80%
  • Training 70% 70%
  • Service 60% 60%
○ Share the latest labor market (International and French);

○ Learn more about the human resources strategy and recruitment policy of top global companies;

○Share the information on talent fostering and quality cultivation;

○ Provide two-way service of recruitment between top global companies and the AFE members;

○ Offer the opportunities to the AFE members to exchange their experiences and to develop their careers.